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To enable companies to go beyond wondering what they can achieve - to leading their industry.  



  • Be Humble: It's not about us, it is about serving those we meet.

  • Make Mistakes: It's called learning.

  • Be Honest: Always speak the truth, with true compassion.

  • Listen: With your ears and your heart.

  • Be Passionate: Get out of your comfort zone and live life with zeal. 

  • Make an Impact: Be the catalyst for success. 


Meet the Team:


I have served people and businesses for over 40 years. My Law and MBA degrees are the foundation for my work in the manufacturing, consulting, education, non-profit, and professional service industries. I have owned and operated two professional service businesses. Top level executives trust me to solve their problems, develop their people, build partnerships, and find funding support. I'd be honored to work with you to address your business needs.     

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